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 Badass Battler

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PostSubject: Badass Battler    Badass Battler  Icon_minitimeMon Nov 18, 2013 7:50 pm

Name: Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Alias: "Badass Battler"
Age: 24
Class: S (Rank 4)
Species: Human
Appearance: Badass Battler  Bald_byakuya_by_amagai_kun-d59vb21
Organization: Hero's Assosciation
Weapons: His bare hands
Personality: Badass Battler idolizes Saitama. He brags to be his number one fanboy. He is the President of the Saitama Fanclub. Not only does he worship Saitama as something that transcends even god, but he has also shaped himself to be just like him. He believes in his "EVERY SINGLE DAY" life motto. He takes being a hero very seriously and will stop at nothing to crush all and any monster who dares try to threaten humanity. He sees himself as Saitama's one and only pupil and protege (dislikes Genos), and the true inheritor as "defender of the Earth".

Badass battler is very badass. He likes to flex his muscles and display a stoic attitude towards his enemies, often not caring of any humiliation he faces. He likes to mock his opponents with a rather straight face. His badassery is off the charts.

Background: Born in J-City, Badass Battler strove to be a hero someday to fend off the monsters infesting the city. He was a fat, obese NEET until he met Saitama right about the time he first defeated Vaccine Man. He talked with Saitama for a few seconds, and he would never forget the divine, propheic words that his god had given to him: "Go home, kid. I gotta go shopping". Holding those words as his first commandment, Badass Battler would meet Saitama again next week and learn about how he became so strong. Taking that into heart, he trained for the next 5 years to become strong. He lost his fat. Also, he lost all of his hair. But in return, he gained immeasurable strength.

he enlisted in the Assosciation. he established himself as the pioneer of the Saitama FC along with Licenseless Rider. He rose up to S-rank. But before he could even meet Saitama again, he went into space.

Now..... he is badass.

Strength: 40
Speed: 30
Durability: 35
Endurance: 15
Stamina: 25
Intellect: 10

Special Abilities:
"The Badass" ~ Whenever Badass Battler instills himself a great pride in his badassery, his stats are amplified by his nigh-narcissitic glory. (+10 to Strength, Speed, Durability, Endurance, and Stamina).
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Badass Battler
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