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 Harley Quinn

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PostSubject: Harley Quinn   Harley Quinn Icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 2:30 am

Name: Harley Quinn
Alias: The Hellequin
Age: 26
Class: God
Species: Demon

Appearance: Harley's looks entirely human with only a few minor differences. All of his teeth are filed into fangs and his eyes. The iris in both of his eyes are onyx black, the pupil in his left eye is a blood red while the pupil in his right is a golden amber color. The only real feature that makes it easy to tell he isn't human is a set of onyx black wings protruding from his shoulder blades. Harley is a tall man with a average build. Standing at 6'1 and weighing 200 lbs. Most of his weight comes from developed lower body. Harley prefers to dress in a somewhat classy manor, wearing mostly dress slacks and shirts. His attire is always changing however.

Harley's skin is slightly tanned and he has a fair complexion, his chin is hidden by dark stubble and he has one of those faces that doesn't stand out too much making it easy for him to blend into a crowd if he his hiding his wings. His wings wings don't go higher than his shoulders and the tip run almost to his heels. When trying to remain hidden all he has to do is throw a large overcoat on so it covers his wings.

Organization: The Fallen


Gilgamesh - A set of gauntlets, greaves, mask, and back armor made of a living, organic sharped metal equipped with thruster-like machines built inside.

Alastor and Ifrit - Both Alastor and Ifrit are supersized 1817 model revolvers. Both have a jet black finish and are engraved in the same style. The only difference is that Alastor's engraving is a gold while Ifrits is red. Alastor and Ifrit are different from the standard 1817 model only because they have been modded to fire 45-70 gov. rounds instead of the regular 32. calibur. This makes the guns about an inch longer than the standard version but it more than doubles the stopping power, that and the fact that each round is special as well. Ifrit fires rounds that have flint and magnesium oxide inside them. The flint sparks when the copper round collapses thus lighting the magnesium causing impact to zone to burn at temperature various between 500-1000 degrees Celsius. Since its such a small amount it only burns for about 5 seconds but effectively burns through most metals. Alastor fires a special rounds too. It's rounds are solid tungsten with the exception of the the very tip wich is hollow. Its a combination between a hollow point and full metal jacket. On impact the tip flattens out causing a larger hole than one would normally see but in cases of armor the solid tungsten combined with the sheer amount of power behind the shot would shoot through the strongest of kevlar.

Hidden blades - Harley carries many hidden blades on his body. There is a hidden blade on each of his wrists and smaller ones in the heel of his boots.

Combat/Throwing knives - Harley usually carries around 10 separate knives on his body. 3 on each side of his hip and 4 along the back of his belt.

Personality: Harley is a outgoing and some would even go so far as to say a 'crazy' individual. Harley can turn anything and everything into a joke and usually isnt afraid to do so. He doesn't really have a 'serious' side but he does have the aptitude to make serious decisions from time to time. However the rest of the time it is all fun and games. When in a fight the first portion of it is more likely to be a game than a fight, although this is usually when Harley tries to get accustomed to his opponents style he usually just dances around and doesn't pay attention.

Harley is also a wildly overconfident person. He is afraid of almost nothing, but these things don't exactly make him a stupid person, he can tell the difference between what could be a struggle or suicide and dying is something that he just isn't quite ready for yet. Now if dying was fun then maybe, but until that happens it'll just have to wait.

Background: Depression, Sorrow, Hate. These are the words that describe Harley's childhood. Harley was found in the corner of an alley at the age of maybe a year, how old exactly is uncertain but that was his official birthday according to any records on him. He was found by a young woman who simply took pity on him and dropped him off at the nearest church where he was dropped off at another location. And this started the cycle. From that day on Harley moved and not by choice. He spent a year in an orphanage before getting adopted and then spent another year with them before they decided that he was too much responsibility and brought him back like a used toy.

It was his second time in the orphanage and he had to get to know most the kids again because all of his friends already had a family by now. He just wasn't good enough. That was the thought that ran through his head for months. That one thought turned him into a troublesome child. He started fights, stole, and was just mean in general. But eventually there was a family that came along and scooped him up again. It brought back a shimmer of hope that he thought he had lost a long time ago.

This family wasn't exactly what they had seemed to be though. The father was a drunk and a drug addict and the mother blamed Harley for it. So whenever he was bad she punished him. Violently. So he tried to be as good as possible but all that rage built up in her. She began to look for reasons to beat him and eventually she lost the patience to find reasons and she just beat him to vent. 4 years in that house before the neighbors caught wind of the abuse and child services took him away.

Harley was almost an adolescent now and the years of abuse took its toll on him. He was a dark child but he covered it up with a cheery and joking exterior. Living the rest of his natural life in the orphanage he continued to live his day to day life when even that was taken from him. A drunk driver lost control of his car and hit him on day. That was the day Harley died.

Harley began his journey in the afterlife. At first it was nothing. Nothing at all just blank existence, then he was heaven. He grew wings and wore all white. Did that make him an angel? He had know way of knowing, did he even deserve such a right. Harley grew older and lost track of time. But as they say 'all good things must come to an end' After his years of overdue happiness everything was taken away once more.

On the anniversary of his death he fell from heaven. He was violently ripped down to hell. Why had this happened to him, was it fate that dictated he could never find true happiness? Now dressed in rags and held by chains he was confronted by the devil. At least he thought it was the devil, in the pitch black all he could make out was the deep voice that told him he could be free again. That by serving him he could go back as long as he did a job. Harley hastily agreed.

Not knowing what he was getting himself into but not exactly caring, he was thrown into the chaos of servitude. Now he was called The Hellequin it was more a title than a name but he thought it fitting and he had only one job. He had to kill people so the devil could claim their souls.  

Harley had returned to earth and not without a few perks. He still had his wings even though they were black now, and he teeth like a demon now too. It was weird but he'd rather have that over horns or a tail. Another one of the perks of being a devil/angel thing was that he found he had increased sped and strength. Of course he would need it to do his job. Now that he had to kill people. And the best part about it was that he didn't mind. At first he wasn't sure if he could kill people but now that he was closer and closer to the task he couldn't help but get more anxious for it. He was getting excited and was actually hoping to 'help' a few extra people just for fun. He had taken his first steps towards insanity, killing people for fun, dying, coming back to life... At least this is what he tells people when they ask it makes for an interesting conversation. His true history is unkown... as he likely doesn't remember himself.

Speed: 50
Durability: 30

Special Abilities:

Cell Regeneration - Has the ability to regenerate over time, major wounds taking much longer than others.

Extreme Contortionism - Harley has the ability to bend in to just about any shape and is also extremely flexible. This brings on a certain amount of dexterity that most don't have.

Insanity - The perks of being insane is that one usually doesn't care making it easier to ignore the pain and surpass his physical limits. When embracing his insanity Harley suffers a -10 to intellect and stamina but gains a + 10 to strength and endurance

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Harley Quinn
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