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 Stat System

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PostSubject: Stat System   Stat System Icon_minitimeSat Aug 17, 2013 9:36 pm

C-class/Wolf level: 50
B-class: 75
A-class/Demon level: 100
S-class/Dragon level: 150
God level: 200

Strength - Dictates the force of your physical attacks and blows (punches, kicks, headbutts, elbows, knees, tackles, etc.)
1-2: Average human strength
3-4: Above-average human strength
5-10: Athletic human strength (attacks are roughly as strong as a good boxer's)
10-15: peak human strength (attacks are comparable to the strongest humans in real life)
15-20: superhuman strength; you can break stone walls, bricks, trees, and concrete.
25-30: You can break metals such as steel and iron, you can pulverize stone and concrete objects. You can collapse a house with one blow.
30-35: You can crush titanium riboride, and diamond. You can collapse an average-sized building.
35-40: You can collapse several buildings enough to make up a city block.
40-45: You can put a town-sized crater on the ground.
45-49: You can put a crater right under an entire city with one punch to the ground while destroying everything inside the city as well.
50: You can smash mountains. You can also smash hypersonic gigantic meteors coming your way all the way from space with enough force to wipe out multiple cities.

Speed - Dictates how fast you can run and how fast you can react.
1-2: Average human speed
3-4: Athletic human speed
5-10: Peak human speed (10 m/s)
10-15: Superhuman speed; you can run up to 50 m/s
15-20: 100 m/s
25-30: Speed of sound speed
30-35: Supersonic speed (an additional mach 1 for each extra point)
35-45: Hypersonic speed (an additional mach 1 for each extra point)
45-49: Mach 20
50: Mach 30

Durability - Dictates your body's ability to withstand attacks.
1-2: Average human durability
3-4: Peak human durability
5-10: Your body is tough enough to withstand ordinary bullets.
10-15: You can withstand attacks that can destroy a wall or a tree.
15-20: House-level durability.
25-30: Building-level durability.
30-35: City block-level durability.
35-45: Multi City block-level durability.
45-47: Town-level durability
48-49: City-level durability
50: Island-level durability
Endurance- Dictates your body's ability to take damage and pain.
1-2: Average human endurance
3-4: Athletic human endurance
5-10: Peak human endurance
10-15: Superhuman endurance
15-20: You can take one of your limbs ripped off
25-30: You can take all four of your limbs ripped off
30-35: You can take having your heart damaged
35-49: you can take having your brain damaged
50: You can still live on even if half of your body has been obliterated
Stamina - Dictates how long you can fight, how long you can run, and roughly how many attacks you can use consecutively.
1-2: average human stamina
3-4: above-average human stamina
5-10: athletic human stamina
10-15: peak human stamina
15-20: superhuman stamina
25-30: largely superhuman stamina
30-35: vastly superhuman stamina
35-45: massively superhumans stamina
45-49: Nigh-unlimited stamina
50: Unlimited stamina
Intellect - Smarts, wits, cunning, tactical/strategic prowess.
1-2: Pretty dumb
3-4: Below-average smarts
5-10: Average smarts
10-15: Above-average smarts
15-20: "Genius" intellect
25-30: IQ of 180
30-35: IQ of 200
35-45: IQ of 300
45-49: Extremely smart; you're very resourceful, intelligent, and able to think up of clever tricks, plans, and methods on the fly while in the midst of battle easily. you're also knowledgable over many many areas.
50: Nigh-omniscient
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Stat System
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