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 Yukito "Frost"

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PostSubject: Yukito "Frost"   Yukito "Frost" Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2015 11:05 pm

Name: Yukito (Commonly called Frost)

Alias: The Artic Warrior

Age: 22

Class: A rank 10

Species: Human

Appearance: Caramel colored hair that goes past her shoulders. It's more fluffy than anything else I suppose. Her eye color is a mint-y green. If she's not in her robotic armor, she's generally dressed up in heavy clothing.

Organization: Heroes Association

Weapons: No weapons necessarily, but she does have an almost robotic suit. In terms of design it looks metroid-y, but it works more like armor (in terms of strength) with some little things built in it.

Personality: Before she was a superhero, she was very boring. After she became a superhero, her life flipped and she grew more of a personality. She can be impatient, but for the most part she's open-minded and kind. She often acts on her feelings, rather then logic. She takes a while to warm up to people.

Background: She was a grocery store clerk for most of her highschool years, and even after she graduated. Because she had grown up in Town Z, she knew that monster attacks weren't an uncommon thing. After going through a near death experience and unlocking her new found powers, she decided to become a hero.

Since then she has had the power to breathe ice. It took her two years to learn how to control her power. Yet even still, small bits of ice comes out of her mouth when she breathes or talks.

Her suit helps her turn the ice she creates into hot water so she can fly with the steam power. She has the ability to freeze enemies, although that takes time. Since she's impatient, she finds using boiling hot water to blast her opponents with much more useful.

Because of her strong reliance on water, she has to drink twice the amount of water than what a normal human does. Despite being fully human, doctors are still perplexed as to how she got her powers. Even Frost herself isn't sure how she obtained them.

Strength: 35
Speed: 20
Durability: 40
Endurance: 28
Stamina: 20
Intellect: 50

Special Abilities:

Ice- She can create ice by blowing. As long as she's hydrated, her power is practically endless.

Brains- She created her robotic suit, although she has a bad habit of doing something that feels right, rather than logically is right, she still has a good amount of smarts. With her robotic suit, she can fly and take down enemies more efficiently.
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Yukito "Frost"
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