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 Moikuato Zushimoito the Pumpkin Mancer

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Moikuato Zushimoito

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PostSubject: Moikuato Zushimoito the Pumpkin Mancer   Moikuato Zushimoito the Pumpkin Mancer Icon_minitimeTue Feb 02, 2016 8:24 am

Name: Moikuato Zushimoito

Alias: Lord Gourd


Class: Dragon

Species: Plant

Appearance: Moikuato is 5'8'' tall and is slender. He wears a pumpkin mask that covers his obvious monster head. He wears a black peacoat, black gloves, dark blue jeans, black shoes, and a sword strapped to his back. In special occasions he would wear black slacks instead of jeans. His neck is the only thing that reveals is plant look as green vines go along his exposed neck. Beneath all the clothes is a mass of vines and pumpkin parts as his joints, torso and head. The vines acts like a muscle for the plant being.

Organization: None


Harvester - A sword made out of tungsten carbide with graphene finish. (he stole supplies because he can barely find work.) The Pommel has a vine from it's tip that wraps around the handle and goes outward as a hilt. The sword is 3'6'' Long as is slightly curved.

Pumpkin Seeds - Moikuato carries a bag of pumpkin seeds as an assassin's weapon for his unsuspecting targets. He can also grow more at will and can also grow vines with them and pumpkins after.

Plant type - He can manipulate is own body to grow vines, shoot seeds, and grow pumpkins. He can make the pumpkin grow any size and can be far from ripe to extremely ripe.

Personality: Moikauato has two sides, The monstrous and the outgoing optimistic type. The Monstrous side has a hunger for blood, but he sometimes try to hold it in because he does not want to reveal his true form. His other positive side likes to have fun and party. He tends to be weird around others and sometimes he is shy.

Background: Years ago after House of Evolution blew up. A bit of of Dr. Genus's experimental liquids landed on his opened organic pumpkin seeds snack pack deluxe and unexpectedly created Lord Gourd The Pumpkin Mancer. The mass bundle of vines and pumpkins formed his own name, Moikuato and ventured off knowing nothing of the world. Later on he spied on both heroes and monsters alike. He learned to fight and use his powers at enemies who threatened him both heroes (to protect helpless monsters), monsters alike (just the aggressive ones), and disappear without a trace. Moikuato would also hang out with humans and monsters to learn more about the world and just wonder around.

Although with so much goodness in the world, it just wasn't enough. With all the fighting, hate and suffering. Later on Moikuato's monstrosity side was growing throughout his life as he gets treated badly and like a freak, or people/monsters he likes dies. the hate just grew over time and became a part of him and his hunger for blood grew within him too.

Today's timeline. He is currently wondering around and observing people's fight against monsters. One day he will make his move. He is also making plans in his head as time passes.

Strength: 25
Speed: 25
*Durability: 44
**Endurance: 1
Stamina: 10
Intellect: 45

* Core (a seed. If destroyed Moikuato would parish. Similar to Melzalgald.) is 44, Vines has a durability of (22) which means its easy to destroy vines but the core (seed) will not be as easy.
**A plant.

Special Abilities:

Plant type:

Cell regeneration - Moikuato is a plant and plants can heal over time.

Pumpkinmancy - Can manipulate and use pumpkin seeds,Vines, and Pumpkins as a natural weapon to kill his enemies, or to enhance evasion.

Monstrous form - Moikuato becomes a giant being(35' 8'' Tall) when angered. Strength and durability goes up +5.
Pumpkinmancy becomes enhanced by the increase of mass.

Question: (I will remove these questions after they are answered)
(1)Would I be able to use dead (npc) bodies to slowly make an army because I could use my vines to become the host's new muscle and bend them to my will? They will also be revived but under my control. (they will also drop 1 class because they would lose their former glory and their powers. Minimum is class Wolf).  All Players and God (NPC) are immune to the ability.

(2) would endurance be considered important for being a plant? I mean I can lose limbs all I want, but it wont kill/disable me because I can grow them back.(except the core) (The core will be similar to Melzalgald, but as a seed so Moikuato can keep growing back later.)

What do you think? Just let me know what I can have and what should be changed. Thank you for accepting me to the roleplay.
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Moikuato Zushimoito the Pumpkin Mancer
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