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PostSubject: Furanshisuko   Furanshisuko Icon_minitimeFri Apr 22, 2016 5:25 pm

Name: Furanshisuko

Alias: Blast

Age: 25

Class: A 29

Species: Human

Appearance: Short Black Hair, Black Eyes, and he dresses formal.

Organization: Hero Association

Wepons: Blast doesnt use or need wepons.

Personality: A serious young male with great power. Doesnt talk too much and likes getting things done. Blast doesnt like getting to close to humans becuase he is socially akward.

Background: Furanshisuko was a young 14 year old boy who lived a normal life working for his father. Until one day when Furanshisuko came home to see his father an explosion occured and his house was burned down by a villain, Furanshisuko wanted to protect his father but he was too weak so Furanshisuko wanted to become a hero and wants to protect all humanity so no one dies like his father did. And due to that explosion that killed his father Furanshisuko gets his hero name "Blast".

Strength: 70
Speed: 50
Durability: 50
Endurance: 35
Stamina: 40
Intellect: 20

Special Abilities:

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