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 Kaza Uchi, "Nameless Hero"

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PostSubject: Kaza Uchi, "Nameless Hero"   Kaza Uchi, "Nameless Hero" Icon_minitimeFri May 20, 2016 1:11 pm

Name: Kaza Uchi

Alias: Hero

Age: 24

Class: S-Class

Species: Human

Appearance: Kaza has red hair that comes down to his neck in spikes. It has black splotches, from a year before he became a hero when he fell asleep at work and spilled pen ink. He normally tucks it up into a beanie that says "Bad Hair Day", and wears a dark grey hoodie that is cut in the middle to show a plain black t-shirt. He wears grey jeans, and black sneakers. His eyes are a deep green. He has white skin, is about 5'2", and weighs about 180 Lbs. He wears all of his weapons.
Organization: None

Weapons: Two Chains around his waist, one sword in a sheath on his hip, and a large, dual-bladed Muramasa on his back.

Personality: Kaza is hot-blooded and has zero tolerance for the words "Short" and "Shrimpy". He constantly looks as if he is in deep thought, but upon encounter in a conversation or if he notices someone looking at him, he will instantly cheer up. He has a distinct lack of respect for authority and believes in the strength of heart rather than the strengths of experience, rank, and power.

Background: Kaza, from the day he was born, was shunned. He grew up in a run-down orphanage with a terrible set of "guardians", and ran away at 13. He made himself at home in a broken-down building in City Z and because of this, he developed a pretty apt ability to hide from various monsters. Any time he had to go into town for food or supplies, he was further shunned. Nobody ever even told him why. At 18, he learned to hide his face from recognition, and pretend to be someone he wasn't. He managed to get a job as a science teacher, and he picked up on how to fight monsters while at home. At 23, he was fired because they had thought he had stolen money from the school, when he couldn't have, because he was sleeping with ink in his hair. After a month of trying to wash it out, he gave up. Alone once again, he was tormented. Eventually, he reached a decision. If no one knew who he was, he could do the one thing he loved: Bringing smiles to others. So he dejected his name, took on a new wardrobe, and set off to be a hero. After being rejected by the Association 5 times, he gave up and decided to be a vigilante. Simply because he is terrible at names, he passes it off as "If I tell you my name, it won't be a mystery." Though he secretly hopes that one day, someone will find a cool hero name for him. He has come across as "Mystery Man" and "Chain", but he rejected both names. When he can, he avoids getting in the affairs of other, "real" Heroes. But occasionally, on threats Demon and God, he will work with Heroes whether they like it or not. When he knows he has to be, he is cooperative with them, but on the streets, he is rude and often challenges them. His most known catchphrase is "A true Hero is not one that is strong or popular, but one that will die to protect even the smallest and weakest of people." And he has lived by that catchphrase his entire 6-months of his career.

Strength: 25

Speed: 50

Durability: 3

Endurance: 20

Stamina: 30

Intellect: 22

Special Abilities:

Seeing Eyes - This is his most important ability, as all his other abilities require the use of the Seeing Eyes ability. This ability makes his eyes turn a brighter green and have the irises glow. While using this ability, he has 20/5 vision, enhanced reflexes, and the ability to see energy, life, and most importantly, identify weak points on bodies and structures. The downside is that it constantly drains stamina. Albeit slowly, but even then, with as much stamina as he has, it will only last for one hour and seventeen minutes without activity.

Deep Gash - This ability is used with his fists and chains. Either way, he uses his Seeing Eyes to identify a weak point on a body or structure and attack it, using his speed to nearly instantly identify and attack the next weak point. At the end of this combo, or just one attack, the damage quickly seeps towards the center of the body or structure. Depending on endurance and durability, the target could be anywhere from aching in his muscles to completely paraplegic. (Or in the case of a structure, weakened to destroyed.)

Invisible Strike - This ability is used with his basic sword. Using his Seeing Eyes, he take advantage of the enhanced reflexes and combines this with his Mach 30 speed. The strike seems to not happen at all, but what really happens is, he constantly moves at top speed, pulling his sword and slicing all in one swift motion, and then sheathing his sword. The whole thing happens in a little under one quarter of a second. However, there is a fault to this attack. Two, actually. The first fault, is that if the target has a durability above 15, the strike isn't strong enough to break skin. The second fault is that if someone can match his speed and see through the attack, he can't stop his movement as he is moving too fast. In the time he could slow down, he could be punched.

Vibrating Blade - This ability is used with his Dual-Bladed Muramasa. Using his Seeing Eyes, he once again combines his speed and enhanced reflexes. Because of the way the blades are positioned, if he ran fast enough, the blade would begin to vibrate at Mach 5. (Cool Note: The blades make a really cool, high-pitch humming sound because they are positioned like a forked instrument.) The blade was crafted with a special material, to prevent it from melting at this speed. Since the blades are vibrating so quickly, they can phase through objects. However, this alone will not to any damage, since the blades are literally passing across matter. The trick is that upon entering the target slightly, he uses the remaining inertia to stop, which causes the blade to come to a slamming halt, like a car slamming on the brakes. Usually, there is enough speed left to pass further through the object upon the slam, but either way, it would do a lot of damage. Once again, there are faults to the attack. Three, this time. The first fault is that he has to be far away so he can run long enough for the blade to vibrate, about 3 seconds. But three seconds is a lot of distance when you're talking in Machs. The second fault is that, once again, there is an opening to attack while he swings. And the final fault is that, if he misses, the inertia of the blade will cause him to fall. Tripping and sailing at Mach 30 doesn't sound very fun.
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Kaza Uchi, "Nameless Hero"
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