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PostSubject: nyAr "godd3"   nyAr "godd3" Icon_minitimeTue Jul 12, 2016 8:40 pm

Name: nyAr godd3
Alias: Hero
Age: 36
Class: S-Class
Species: Human
Appearance: nyAr has an appearance with a white hair do not have muscles and the most like a nerd computation it has a common clothes , a black shorts and a black shirt and black shoe also
Organization: None
Weapons: Master the bones as you form any weapon as long as there is the own bones, in addition to possessing an extreme strength with fists
Personality: He does not like to stand still always going out and killing monsters and villains can thus becoming stronger, he also does not like to relate to nimguem only seeking the very highest strength ... he trains a lot and seeks to become the destroyer of planets...
Background: nyAr Born in J-City, his parents had died, first the father after the mother, so he moved away from friends, 6 years he was already the killer number 1 in J-City, so he went to the nearby towns La him She met a man called b00ne he did not know more had just met a dominating s-class bones then it he learned to master his own bones as you wish, he would always kill monsters alone, after three years of training, 9 years he was already so strong as to destroy a city with its bones control powers ... then he moved on after his friend get a disease and die ... he stopped at G-city her he already had a great reputation as killer number 1 and already had immense power in this way he was safe, he saw that in this way he would have more peace in their training so he began to train his physical strength, he never developed large muscles more he was already very strong, he trained for 14 hours a day, 7 he trained the domination of his bones and 7 he trained the physical strength and so he followed, after three years, with 12 years he was already strong enough to destroy several cities together, so to not doing so he concentrated only in a safe area where destroying rocks and focused their bones at a point where you need not destroy the entire rock and so pierces it and so shoot down the enemy. he trained until his 36 years as well, so he had already obtained the power of a god he could go from planet to planet whenever I wanted, however the HQ of the heroes requested that he not destroy planets, then he calmed down waiting for someone one day fight him to death ...

Strength: 50
Speed: 50
Durability: 50
Endurance: 50
Stamina: 50
Intellect: 50

Special Abilities:

Planetary recreation and a power that can reconstruct several planets made ​​from bones and may be compared to several more meteors not be fooled, are not only several meteors , and also are made of hard bones like obsidian.

Divine Bloodthirsty and a power where it can feed on blood, thus leaving your bones becoming harder and agile and can increase your speed and also can grow and become a powerful god if he steal a lot of blood from a adiversario or whatever . only the smell of blood already makes him stronger.

Amaterasu of bone and a power which he can use the flames of hell to cover his bones , only one of these is possible to cut the moon in the middle. and can only be deactivated when the User have a cost , the cost of using that power and 500 lives.

Fire Slow and a fire and slow so it is not as effective by far , plus the User can use it in your body can use with a combo of punches or a combo of bones attacks , the fire and slow however burns as acid and can leave anyone without a fight forever .

divine immunity and power where the User can become immune to any kind of illness or loss of limbs . not need to worry about the loss of blood or bone loss .
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nyAr "godd3"
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