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 Alistair Bolvino

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PostSubject: Alistair Bolvino   Alistair Bolvino Icon_minitimeSun Nov 17, 2013 10:30 pm

Name: Alister Bolvino
Alias: Susanoo
Age: 21
Class: S
Species: Human

Alistair is a tall man. Standing at 6' 1" he tends to tower over alot of his comrades. Last time he checked he weighed around 180lbs. He has long black hair that covers his eyes, ears and the back of his neck. At the end of his hair it is braided making him have a somewhat Native American look. He has green eyes that many barely see under his hair. Most of the time he can be seen wearing yellow horns on his head. They are headphones that Alistair took from his younger brother and kept on him because he likes them.

He also wears a patchwork jacket. The jacket is brown and has what looks to be stitch work all across it. The sleeves are rolled up revealing Alister's arms. He also wears fingerless gloves and a bead necklace as accessories. His necklace also seems to have what looks like the teeth of an animal in the them. While Alister couldn't tell you what they were exactly they look to be from a bear. Under the jacket he wears a stark white T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, a leather belt, and a pair of fur boots.

Organization: Hero Association


  • Brass Knuckles
  • Tonfas
  • Bo-Staff


If anyone would classify Alistair from the first look at him they would probably see a calm 6'1 man with strange horns. Unfortunately that isn't all that there is, Alistair is a hot head. He's probably the first to react to any insult that he perceives to be spat at him. Which tends to get him into a lot of fights that he has no place in being apart of. Along with the fact that he is a bit headstrong as well, makes it hard for him to let an insult go pass. He tends no to change his mind once he has made his decision. Besides that some would call him a bit of a daredevil considering the fact that he is willing to jump off the top of a building in Air Treks to see if they will really allow him to fly. Though one could argue whether or not that is being a daredevil or being suicidal. Along with his history of being a delinquent he has a habit of being cocky and tends to overestimate his own abilities. This is usually remedied by reality giving him a firm slap in the face. Though it leads to some misunderstandings along the way.

Now that we've finished hearing his bad traits let's go on to his good ones. Alistair has a lot of respect for those his friends, teachers, and peers. So much so that he takes it upon himself to defend their honor. Which gets him into situations he could avoid. Yet even in such situations Alistair seems to come out OK. It's mostly because he has an eye for detail and is quick on the uptake. He tends to understand problems without them being explained to him. Though that doesn't stop him from making the misunderstanding worse by saying something for his own amusement.


They say once in a thousand years someone with extraordinary ability and power is born, Alistar was born a year to early. Alistair was one of many successor to a martial arts dojo his father owned. As a child Alistair spent his childhood training in martial arts. Compared to his siblings, Alistair was always the weakest. Every time they would spar he would find himself on the receiving end of his brothers fists. Though it wouldn't always be that way for long. Years went by and many beatings came and went as Alistair grew older. Tragedy struck when one of his brothers was killed by a Monster. It was a sad time, many of his siblings decided to become heroes in revenge. At the time Alistair was still to young for thoughts like that to even pass through his mind. Though he did keep what happened in his heart. As his brothers went to learn to hunt down the creatures, Alistair remained at the dojo with his father.

At the age of 13, Alistair had become one of the strongest practitioners in his dojo. After years of training it seemed that no one could beat him and it seemed he would be the next in line to take over his father's dojo. That is until people stopped coming to the dojo, seemed that people found the weaponry that was so popular more helpful and more convenient then what martial arts offered in terms of protection. The lack of people forced Alistair's father to close the dojo. Distraught and ashamed of how he ran the dojo into the ground, Alistair's father left Alistair and one or two of his siblings who couldn't become hunters with one of his associates. This associate of his ran a private security business and needed more employees to work as bodyguards so she was more than happy to take Alistair into her home.

It didn't take long for the woman to get Alistair on the payroll. He had always liked to get cash for doing nothing but standing around. Of course there was the one or two instances he had to fight, but most of the time all he had to do was stand and look pretty. Which in his opinion he did pretty well. It wasn't until months later that he got bored of being a bodyguard. There didn't seem to be a lot going on for him, all he really did was stand around and jump into other people's business occasionally. Besides he felt as though his skills were dulling, and for him that was never a good thing. It didn't take long for him to attempt to join hero association which he heard about from one of his friends in it. Though his first attempt failed due to his current guardian convincing him otherwise. It wasn't until his father came back to his town and recommended him to join that he succeeded in joining the hero Association. He worked in the hero association for years before becoming an S-rank.

Speed: 30
Durability: 30
Endurance: 25
Stamina: 15
Intellect: 5

Special Abilities:

Full body control: From the tip of his smallest hair to the bottom of his feet, Alistair can control every part of his body and dictate every cell within it. Which leaves him able to do some amazing things. Such as controlling his body heat to melt metals or even change the material of his skin. He can manipulate the blood flow within his body and even allocate blood cells in his body allowing him to regenerate from damage.

Lightning manipulation: Alistair's power allows him to in all sense become a lightning rod. His body can conduct, emit, and control the flow of electricity from every cell of his body. Which leaves him and his opponent with some shocking experiences. Because of it he is resistant to most of the after effects of electrical attacks. Unfortunately that doesn't make him immune to electricity, he still feels pain from an electrical shock but it is at a lesser scale than others. Using his aura he is able to regulate the electricity he emits from his body into energy blasts. Though that isn't all he can do with it, he can use the electricity to increase the speed of signals sent from his brain to the rest of his body, making his reflexes a lot faster than the average hunter. They increase to the point where he can avoid bullets with minor difficulties. He can also use electricity to reinforce his body.

Light Body technique: By controlling his muscles he makes his body weigh less on the physical plane. Because of this it allows him to move across distances and jump high distances with alot less effort than what it would take for a normal person. So strenuous activities use a lot less stamina when Alistair is using this technique.

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Alistair Bolvino
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