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 The Supremacy

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The Supremacy Symbol10

Supremacy is a group of humans who left their lives behind in order to seek revenge on a particular monster or one who cares naught for fighting evil in the name of justice and vice versa. Each member has a matching black cloak with the organizations symbol on the back. Since hunting monsters are their specialty they set up shop in the most monster ridden areas making work easier to come by.

History- Founded by Ciaran, a man who lost his wife and kids to a dragon level monster. He went around town to gather able bodied men to help defeat the beast. In the end no one was willing to step one, he continued his search going from city to city, he was able to six people. Five men and a woman. Illya was her name. Days turned to months and months turned into years as searched for the monster, eradicating every monster in their way and getting stronger in the process until they found the beasts lair. The fight lasted a week straight with everyone except Ciaran and Illya were left after the assault. Ciaran decided he would create a home for those who had lost their love ones to a monster and Illya decided to join him. Years later Ciaran had passed away leaving Illya in charge of the organization.

Illyasviel MurciƩlago- Org Head


B- Class


Civilian Trainees
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The Supremacy
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